It’s Time – Ho, Ho, Ho!

Today I officially launched my holiday season by playing the Kingston Trio’s classic Last Month of the Year (beloved by me as a child as much for the cover shot of the group with their fingers in each other’s ears on the way to the doorbell as for the music). There have been so many great suggestions for holiday music from all of you that I thought I would recap some of the albums with links that allow you to purchase CDs from Amazon. Anything bought from Amazon through a Folk Alley link will also send some “Christmas Cash” our way, money that goes straight to our bottom line, so I encourage shopping (mmm… shopping!).

From me: Ann Hampton Calloway – This Christmas
Cherish the Ladies – On Xmas Night
John Denver – Rocky Mountain Christmas
From Christine Taylor: Emmylou Harris – Light of the Stable
From Steve Pawlowski: Harvey Reid – The Heart of the Minstrel on Christmas Day
From Lisa Liscoumb, Barb Paegelow & others: John Denver & the Muppets – A Christmas Together
From Pam Parkinson: Hipsters’ Holiday
From Joseph Ruback (sort of): Putumayo Presents: Christmas Around the World
From Garrett Fitzgerald: Nat King Cole – The Christmas Song
From Rick Brown: John Fahey – The New Possibility
From Melissa Langnes: Roger Whittaker – Christmas Album
From Dan Moss: Maggie Sansone – Sounds of the Season
From Jenna Fickes: Burl Ives – Have a Holly Jolly Christmas
From David Kirkham: Peter, Paul & Mary – Holiday Celebration
From Tom Pavlidis: Jewel – Joy – A Holiday Collection
From Jeff Chambers: John Fahey (lots of John Fahey fans) – Christmas Guitar

There, that’s just a sampling (I could have listed individual songs, but I have to buy a tree tonight). Feel free to add more suggestions.

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