It’s SXSW time in Austin

Wednesday kicked off the music portion of the massive SXSW (or South by Southwest for the uninitiated) conference in Austin, TX, which continues through Sunday. With all of the alt-country and singer/songwriters represented, I was really wishing that Folk Alley could be there. But after looking at the list and envisioning what it would be like to compete for floor space with the 7500 attendees, I’m not so sure. The people at Folk Alliance who typically attend both events said that SXSW has become a big party and that work is the last thing on many folks’ minds (sort of like Sundance). Any Folk Alley fans on the streets of Austin this week? Should we hold an extra bake sale and march around handing out stickers and pins next year? Tell me the truth, I’m sure I can handle it!

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