Issues of Funding

Well, here we go again. Some of our listeners who live in the states may recall a public broadcasting crisis with the threats of federal funding cutbacks last year. The President’s budget for ’07 again calls for a major cutback in federal funding for public broadcasting. In all it looks like 90 million out of a 430 million request. How does that affect Folk Alley? Our ability to sustain Folk Alley is possible because of the health of WKSU, our host station. Folk Alley is not yet self sustaining, and without the support of WKSU, Folk Alley would not be possible.

How can you help? Well the obvious method is to financially support Folk Alley and also write to your Representative or Senator and call for the support of public broadcasting.

We at WKSU have enormous faith in you and we will continue to try and grow this service to the point where it is totally supported by you, while extending our efforts to seek funding from sponsors and the foundation community.

You already know what a great service Folk Alley is and we here at the Folk Alley camp also know what Folk Alley can become with hard work and time. We want to continue to provide you with Folk Music that you can’t find anywhere in the world here on the internet.

Thanks for listening and thanks for the kind e-mails and financial support. We can make this a success if we work together.

Al Bartholet

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