Is folk music “manly”?

An unusual question, I admit…but hear me out.

Folk music has had a long track record with documenting many social concerns–to many people that’s one of folk music’s defining characteristics. One of those issues–again with a long history–is folk music focusing on feminist and women’s issues. Songs examining the female side of concerns like gender equality, workplace issues (pay, opportunity, harassment), sexual orientation, and relationship/family issues are not unusual in the repertoire of many folk musicians–male and female.

Arguably, “women’s issues” are societal issues, therefore everyone’s concern and problem. But does/has folk music ever filled the same role for men? Outside of relationship and family issues you don’t hear a lot of folk songs by men singing about being a man.

Shouldn’t there be some more? Does it matter?

It just strikes me as odd. Am I off base on this? Feel free to click on the “Comments” button below and throw in your thoughts on the issue.

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