In Review: Guest DJ, Kim Ruehl from ‘No Depression’

Kim Ruehl, editor-in-chief for the roots journal No Depression, joined Cindy Howes for a Guest DJ hour showcasing the music highlighted in the most recent in-print edition.

For summer of 2017, No Depression took a trip around the world (well, figuratively, even though Kim would have LOVED to travel to make this issue) to places like Honduras, Israel, Japan, Northern Ireland and more. The articles highlight and focus on International music, but not just “world music” in general. Much care has been taken to examine and present “folk music” from each of these countries. From stories about a 50-year-old Japanese bluegrass band (Bluegrass 45) to a traditional Scottish group who invents their own instruments including the “Sporkinator” (which is made of utensils, obviously).

Once again, No Depression collects unique and interesting stories that reflect folk and roots music. This time around, they expertly showcase the genre from a global perspective.

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** Audio is no longer available.**

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