In Review: Guest DJ Hour with Kim Ruehl from No Depression

Kim Ruehl, editor-in-chief for the roots journal No Depression, joined Cindy Howes for a Guest DJ hour showcasing the music highlighted in the most recent in-print edition.

For fall of 2017, No Depression explores the “foremothers” of American roots music. When people ask what roots music is, it’s all too easy to name-check the greats: Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and so on. These foundational artists are often considered the anchor of this realm of roots music. But beyond them are Sara and Maybelle Carter, Elizabeth Cotten, Judy Collins, Big Mama Thornton, and countless other women whose stories have mostly been told through the lens of the men who accompanied or “discovered” them.

In this “Foremothers” issue, No Depression digs into the stories of the women who influenced everything from a fledgling country music industry to the rise of rock and roll. Learn about this music from their perspective, and from the women
who owe them their careers.


{{ Audio for this show is no longer available.}}

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