In Review: Folk Alley Guest DJ Hour with Andrew Marlin

Andrew Marlin of Mandolin Orange is one of those musicians who actually used the 2020 shut-down to work on a new record. In fact, he actually made two albums (what a showoff!) Andrew’s mandolin playing is front and center on his two new instrumental albums: The Witching Hour (released on 2/5) and Fable & Fire (out on 2/19). He joined me for a Guest DJ set that features some of his favorite instrumentals by other artists. Listening to Andrew talk about musicians like Tony Rice and David Grisman is an absolute delight, especially if you are a stringed instrument nerd. However, if you’re not, you’ll still enjoy and probably learn something since Andrew is so knowledgeable about music.



Witching Hour and Fable & Fire available – HERE at Bandcamp


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