If You Programmed An Hour of Folk Alley?

We’ve recently started a feature on FolkAlley.com where, once a month, one lucky listener wins a chance to program their own hour of Folk Alley. In order to win, you’ll first need to answer Ann VerWiebe’s Monthly Trivia Question correctly. Everyone who answers the question correctly is entered into the monthly drawing.

Our friend and devote Folk Alley listener, Lynn Oatman, wrote to me and wanted to share a blog post on what tunes she would choose if she ever wins the contest.

We’d love to hear your ideas too!


From Lynn Oatman ~

Well, I keep answering the questions wrong, and I joined long before there were 50,000 members, so I’m never going to get to program my hour of FolkAlley.com. But, this is what I’d play – today – if I suddenly found myself with that privilege. Yes, yes, I know, a bit heavy on the Keelaghan, but that’s because I attended my first LIVE Keelaghan concert a couple weeks ago, and I’m still walking around with his music in my head.


I’d start with Sit Down Young Stranger by Gordon Lightfoot. His line, “war is not the answer, that young men should not die” still echoes in my head.

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