I am the worst fan ever.

Yesterday, I was participating in a live chat with Mary Chapin Carpenter on Gather when I noticed that most of the posters around me were praising her work, asking after her health, about her songwriting process, etc. I asked her opinion on the CRB ruling (which she passed by) and her favorite pie (which she answered). The truth is, I felt uncomfortable when people were asking personal questions (really, is her life any of my business?), but I suppose that’s what live chats are all about. I had an actually “live chat” with Susan Werner last week when she stopped by to record an upcoming FA Extra. I poked my head in Linda’s office to tell her how much I liked her last CD. She said, “Do you mean I Can’t Be New?” All I could think to say was, “The one where you’re wearing a black dress on the cover.” And I listen to that CD. I never pay attention to album or song titles – even for my hardcore fan bands. I went to a Mustard’s Retreat concert and David Tamulevich asked me at intermission if there was a song I wanted to hear. I said, “I like that one about the beach.” It was as if I’d never listened to one of their albums or seen them in concert (neither of which is true).

So, I will try to pay more attention but if I don’t know the name of your album, songs or the fact that you had an extended hospital stay, that doesn’t mean I don’t love your music. In fact your CD could be in heavy rotation in my stereo right now. I just have focus issues.

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