How Long is Long Enough?

“This is one of my tender spots regarding folk CDs: ‘What is a respectable length in time for a premium priced CD?’ What finally broke my back was Kate Mackenzie’s Age of Innocence, which I bought after hearing one of her songs from this album, sight unseen. The CD is 38 min. if you discount the outrageous space at the end of 2 of the songs. I personally am not a musician, but this borders on ripping people off in my opinion. So my solution is to go to iPods. Which I did and I went from buying an average of a CD a month, to 1 or 2 CDs in a year, and never without seeing the actual CD if it is folkie. The other advice I have is to buy classical music or jazz. Now that I have your stream online, I doubt I will buy another folk album again in this lifetime. I just wonder if, since you see more CDs in a year than I see in a lifetime if you think 38 min. is a rip?
Regards from Japan. What do others think?

Thomas Asada-Grant”

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