How Do You Eat a Reese’s Cup?

I was thinking of the familiar ad campaign for my favorite candy (Reese’s Cups and Sweetarts – but not together) when I was listening to Open Mic today. My dilemma is, especially now that songs are being added almost hourly, how to find the best mix of music? Chris Boros turned me onto the playlist shuffle, which pulls together a random collection of songs. There is also the “take a chance” button for a single pick. Most of the lists on the Open Mic homepage (Top Rated, Listener Favorites, etc.) can be launched as a group in by clicking on the player button at the bottom. I’ve had fun clicking on songs that have had recent comments added. If someone cares enough to comment, I want to see what the fuss is about. When I really love something, I can add it to my favorites (which appears as a list on the Open Mic homepage at the very bottom when you’re logged in) and then play the entire lot as a session. It’s fun, and it’s easy – and it’s new every time you visit. Make sure you vote on songs, too, that information affects the front page lists and will earn someone a place in the Folk Alley stream. Yahoo!

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