How do you clean CDs?

In addition to many of my other cleaning duties around here, I often come across Compact Discs that are left out of their cases in the Folkalley studios.

Now I’ve heard that some people think it’s cool to use CDs as drink coasters, but I think those people are using CDs they don’t intend to listen to or play on Folkalley. (I think Jim Blum might even use some old CDs as frisbees for his dogs.)

Anyway, when CDs were first introduced, they were touted as being indestructable, but we all know that’s not the case. When somebody’s peanut butter drips out of their sandwhich and onto the business side of a CD, it really messes things up.

I’ve tried using the commercial scratch repair kits, and some people have recommended toothpaste, furniture polish and even car polish. (We don’t Simoniz the Folkalley van, so there isn’t any car polish around.)

So when you’ve had a big party and find a CD that ended up on the carpet with the cigarette butts, beer, chips and who knows what else, how do YOU clean your CDs?

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