Hear the Best New Folk Music with Fresh Cuts Friday

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In the meantime, check out some of the best new music we’ve been listening to this week.

Maya de Vitry – “Stacy, In Her Wedding Gown” 

Ok Maya you got me on this one. Sheesh what a great song! From her new EP (out now), this one was inspired by a co-worker at the Nipper’s Corner Starbucks. “One of the first things I learned about Stacy is that her favorite outfit is her wedding gown, and that she wears it as much as possible, simply because she feels amazing when she wears it. She just has a truly inspiring and whole-hearted approach to life. I worked on the song in secret, for several months, and then invited her to a show and played it for her as a gift.”

Sierra Ferrell – “Fox Hunt”  

Sierra Ferrel shares this fiery song from her next full length album (due in 2024). “Fox Hunt is my ode to hunters. We live in a world where most all of us get everything from a supermarket and we take that food security, or at least the convenience, for granted. It wasn’t that long ago where that wasn’t the case… where hunting and gathering was how regular folks provided for their family, and leaving the hunt empty handed wasn’t much of an option.”

Willi Carlisle – “Critterland”

The title track from Willi’s upcoming album (Out on January 26) is a galloping peek into the songwriter’s attempt at living in an intentional community in Arkansas. “At its simplest, it’s bucolic,” says Carlisle. “The power of love is the power of nature, the remedy of the granny-witch and the herbalist, the song of the sparrow and the pouch of the opossum.”

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