Hear the Best New Folk Music with Fresh Cuts Friday

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In the meantime, check out some of the best new music we’ve been listening to this week.

Golden Shoals – “Jimmy Beam Ain’t My Friend” 

The duo of Mark Kilianski and Amy Alvey released an earnest reflection on the dark side of alcoholism. Kilianski shares, “I wanted to add to the much more limited cannon of anti-drinking songs, to lend a voice to everyone out there who has struggled to find a healthy relationship with alcohol, whether that be moderation or abstinence.”

Nora Jane Struthers – “I Can Hear The Birds”  

Written during the pandemic, Nora Jane Struthers’ latest is from her upcoming album Back To Cast Iron (out October 27). She reveals: “The shift from being surrounded by community whilst engaging in the audience-performer energy exchange nightly to being home with my young toddler daughter full-time without playgroups, grandparents, library story times, etc…was staggeringly challenging.”

Yasmin Williams – “Dawning” (feat Aoife O’Donovan, Kafari & Nic Gareiss)

Fingerstyle guitarist Yasmin Williams released a magical new instrumental featuring some very talented friends: Aoife O’Donovan on vocalizations, plus Kafari on rhythm bones and Nic Gareiss’ percussive dancing. Look out for a new album in 2024.

Tré Burt –  “Piece of Me”

“‘Piece of Me’ is about the feeling you get when you end a relationship with someone, but there still seems to be more of the story left to tell, like waking up out of a love hangover,” says Tré Burt. The song is on his new album, which is out today.

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