Hear the Best New Folk Music with Fresh Cuts Friday

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In the meantime, check out some of the best new music we’ve been listening to this week.

Allison Russell – “The Returner” 

Are we ready for Allison Russell’s new album (out September 8)?! Probably not, but let’s take this time to get ready with her new song/title track “The Returner.” Featuring Russell’s “Rainbow Coalition” band of all female musicians, this record promises GROOVE. According to Russell, “In just a word, it’s funkier. But as is the history of anything funky, it’s never just a party. It is a multiverse of energies that merges the celebration and the battle cry. For while an embrace of the present tense is a celebration, it is equally an unquestioning leap into battle – cultural, political, environmental.”

Ellis Paul – “Cosmos”  

Mainstay Ellis Paul has a new record (55) today! This year, he celebrates his 30th career anniversary, which he thought might not continue after a “Dupuytren’s contracture” diagnosis that tightly closes the fingers into a fist. He’s had surgery to release three of his left fingers, which allows him to make chords. Opener “Cosmos” sets the stage for a record about the necessity of gratitude.

Hiss Golden Messenger – “Nu-Grape” 

Wow this song rolls and this video is award-worthy. MC Taylor’s dry sense of humor is revealed in the video, which shows him being suckered into a sponsorship with “Ol’ Grape,” a soda company run by a huge slimeball. The music lives on its on without the video featuring Hiss’ signature boppy rhythm alongside sweet harmonies from the likes of Aoife O’Donovan and Amy Helm.

Honeysuckle – “Not So Bad”

Holly McGarry and Chris Bloniarz are Honeysuckle! This is an upstate NY-based band that I first came across while they were living and thriving in the Club Passim scene out of Cambridge, MA. Holly and Chris don’t have a bad song between them. Recently, they’ve been releasing some singles with some next-level production. While they are still solidly able to stand in the folk music camp, I am loving that Steve Winwood-inspired key change on their song, “Not So Bad,” which is out today.

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