Hear the Best New Folk Music with Fresh Cuts Friday

Welcome to our weekly “Fresh Cuts” feature, meant to highlight some of the incredible music Folk Alley’s own Cindy Howes will be playing on her weekly Fresh Cuts playlist. Each week, in this space, we’ll give you a taste of her selections by featuring five songs she’ll be spinning, and then you can head to the Folk Alley app or straight to the Fresh Cuts playlist and crank it up. And, listen to Fresh Cuts every Friday at 2pm ET/11am PT.

Patty Griffin, “Get Lucky”

Patty Griffin recently announced the impending release of her new album, TAPE: Home Recordings and
Rarities. It’s hard not to love a new Patty Griffin song from way back when, a home recording with, let’s
just say, not the best sound quality. But Griffin’s trademark vocals and gut-grabbing lyricism is as fine as it’s ever been.

Lily Henley – “Duermite Mi Alma”

Lily Henley has delivered a remarkable collection of Sephardic Jewish folk songs set to new melodies.
With her incredible vocals and masterful instrumentation, Henley is honoring a community of Jewish
tradition that is farflung and little known. (She sings in the Ladino language, spoken by fewer than
100,000 people across the world.)

Téada – “Eileen Og”

Now in its 21st year together as a band, Téada has joined together with Irish American actor John C.
Reilly for this lively turn on the classic tune.

Brennen Leigh – “Obsessed with the West”

On her latest single, Brennen Leigh pays tribute to the scenery and vibes and wild animals of the
American west. To boot, her ode sounds like it was written on the back of a pony.

Cristina Vane – “How You Doin”

This sweet single from Cristina Vane’s new Make Myself Me Again album is a flirty earworm with a
throwback country feel.

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