Hear the Best New Folk Music with Fresh Cuts Friday

As the weather cools, the new music we’re getting seems to reflect some of the darker, more somber parts of life—sometimes with humor, often with gratitude, and of course plenty of inspiration.

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Seth Avett – “Good Morning Coffee”

Seth Avett’s new solo album (due November 4 on Ramseur Records) is a tribute to the great singer-songwriter Greg Brown. Avett recorded it in hotels across the country while he was on tour with the Avett Brothers.

Joy Oladokun – “Sweet Symphony” (featuring Chris Stapleton)

Singer-songwriter Joy Oladokun was so moved by the love between her parents, that she witnessed during childhood, she decided to write a tribute to it. “Sweet Symphony” sees her backed by Chris Stapleton, whom she says “has one of the most iconic voices on the planet.”

Adeem the Artist – “Going to Hell”

This is the latest single from Eastern Tennessee-based singer-songwriter Adeem the Artist. They note that humor is a terrific way to handle some of the darkest moments in life and that this song, specifically “summarize[s] the seemingly contradictory energy of activism and humor.”

Silvana Estrada – “Aqui”

This haunting, atmospheric song is from Mexican singer-songwriter Estrada’s Abrazo EP, which released on September 21.

Alela Diane – “Paloma”

From her sixth album, Looking Glass, Alela Diane delivers this stirring emotional song about reckoning with the past, and how the past can be a firm foundation upon which we walk.

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