Hear It First: The Mammals, ‘Nonet’

Upcoming live streams & shows!

(** All weekly-ish livestream concerts are at 8pm (ET)/5pm (PT) via facebook.com/themammalsUSA and instagram.com/_themammals
unless otherwise noted.

Fri / Sat / Sun 5/22 – 5/24: Nonet “Release Parties” commentary and conversation with band members & team members joining in via Instagram Split Screen:

* Fri, 5/22 “SIDE A” 8pm (ET)
* Sat, 5/23 “SIDE B” 8pm (ET)
* Sun, 5/24 “BONUS DISK” 8pm (ET)

Fri, 5/30: “Peppe’s Birthday Weekend” show

Sat., 6/6: “Opal’s Birthday Weekend” show

Fri, 6/12: “Last Day of School” show

Sat, 6/20: “Clearwater Festival: Save the Sloop the Saved the River”

Fri, 6/26: “What Will the Future Hold?” show

Tue, 6/30: “Blissfest Presents” show

Visit: TheMammals.Love.com for updates on upcoming live streams, shows, The Hoot, and more!

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