Hear It First: Jon Stickley Trio, ‘Maybe Believe’

by Jon Stickley for FolkAlley.com

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Since the release of our last full-length album, Lost at Last, we have traveled thousands of miles and played hundreds of shows to a wide range of audiences. Every performance has been completely unique and we learn something new about ourselves, and our music at every show. Maybe Believe was written while touring, and we got a chance to road test many of the tunes and let them grow as music will over the course of many performances. Other tunes were purposely left in their most basic form to be completed in the studio with the guidance of our producer, Dave King (The Bad Plus).

This is our second album with Dave. The first time we worked with him, he helped us figure out our identity as a band, and he was a major influence on our overall sound. Two years later with Maybe Believe, he recognized that the trio had grown into a fully formed, road-tested, musical idea, and his goal in the studio was to capture the spontaneous energy of our live show… and we did!

In true Jon Stickley Trio fashion, Maybe Believe features original compositions that represent the band’s next evolutionary step, as well as covers by Aphex Twin and Bill Monroe. From its crowd-funded beginnings, to the music, to the artwork, I am more proud of Maybe Believe than any project I have recorded to date. I hope people enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it!

‘Maybe Believe’ is out on May 12th and is available for pre-order HERE.

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