Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today in the U.S., everybody’s Irish. With parades and special food (including the insidious green beer), I’m willing to celebrate the emerald isle – even though I only have a tiny bit of Irish blood in my body. Listen today as Jim Blum plays some of his favorite Irish music, and read below for another take on March 17 from Joshua in Ireland.

“Hello Ann, and greetings from Ireland.

Allow me to make offer some insight to St. Patrick’s Day from this side of the pond.

Over here we enjoy a good celebration just as much as then next person, but St. Patrick’s Day is usually not the party-hardy festive occasion that’s perceived in America.

But we do enjoy the tourists, dressing ridiculous, and behaving equally outlandish. We’re curious about the fascination you have with green beer. It should be mentioned the traditional Irish dinner of corned beef and cabbage is “very American.” Cabbage yes, but it’s a different variety than the cabbage you’re familiar with, and it’s bacon, we eat with this meal and not corned beef, although it is available. The bacon is what you call “back bacon” or Canadian bacon. The strips of bacon that is American is called “streaky” bacon here.

So kiss me I’m Irish, and have a good time on St. Patrick’s Day.

Joshua Brande.
Co. Clare, Ireland”

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