Happy Birthday

What are you doing to celebrate the Fourth of July? Going to an outdoor concert? Enjoying some fireworks? Grilling some burgers or hotdogs?

Not only is it America’s birthday, it’s also Ann’s birthday. She’s got a tradition going: each year, Ann spends her special day with thousands of others, riding the roller coasters at Cedar Point, roller coaster capital of the world, near Sandusky, Ohio.

Personally, as I grow older, I don’t get the appeal of roller coasters. I know, I know. They’re amazing! They’re exhilarating! Scary, but in a fun way! Last year, the group that I went to Cedar Point with was split into two groups. I was a member of Those Who Wait. I went on a few rides, and even persuaded my 79-year-old mother to join in the “fun.” I thought her head would fly off on the Tilt-A-Whirl. We spent most of our day, waiting for Those Who Ride: the bunch of family members and friends who spent every moment either waiting in very long ride lines or enjoying the thrill of a roller coaster that jarred their heads to-and-fro’ and turned their stomachs inside out. I spent the end of the day listening to tales of “awesome rides” –and dispensing ibuprophen and other over-the-counter headache relief medicine, which I always happen to carry (I was a Girl Scout once).

So Ann, Happy Birthday, and remember to pack some pain medicine.

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