Gordon Lightfoot Winners!

News that is too good keep until the next Folk Alley Chat (E-mailing out on Monday), here are the winners of the Gordon Lightfoot autographed copies of Harmony from Linus Entertainment. There were a total of 1310 entries in the Folk Alley Gordon Lightfoot quiz with 53 people answering all ten questions correctly. Chuck randomly drew 10 names and here they are:

Sherri Hamilton – Rochester, WA
Kari Kukkonen – Johnstown, CO
Neal Walters – Greencastle, PA
Jon Chandler – Salem, OR
Jerry Houff – East Hampton, CT
John Mercer – Oberlin, OH
Kevin Hackett – Richmond Hill, Canada
Carole Rennie – Centerburg, OH
Valerie Magee – Englewood, CO
Lynn Chilleme – Huntington Beach, CA

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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