Good Morning America, Try This Syrup

At Breakfast yesterday, by pure coincidence, I was sitting next to Arlo Guthrie and his family and they were taste testing syrup. When they saw that I was eating pancakes, they asked if I wanted to join in on the experiment. Who would say no? The syrups were a blend of maple and molasses and were very tasty. I chose number 3.

Then it was back to the Exhibit Hall where I collected even more CDs from artists and spread the word about Folk Alley. Thanks to Jenny and Marilyn for their help! Bob and Jim were off recording Slaid Cleaves in Bob’s hotel room.

At night I went to more showcases, including the Karan Casey Band, James Keelaghan (with Oliver Schroer), and Tim Grimm at the official showcase and Tracy Grammer, FRUit, Vance Gilbert and Ellis Paul later. Ellis and Vance go way back and did several numbers together. I almost feel guilty, since these showcases are really intended to get artists gigs and I don’t have the power, but I’ll get over it.

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