Get Us to The Top of the Heap

Whenever anyone writes to me at Folk Alley, I always ask that person to spread the word by telling a friend or several, about our online service.

Here’s another way to help Folk Alley. When you tell a friend, ask him/her to add a button to Folk Alley if he/she manages a Web site or a blog. If you have your own Web site or Weblog, add a button to your site that links to FolkAlley.com. To add a button, go to http://www.folkalley.com/fankit/promotions.php

Why will this help Folk Alley? In the crazy world of Web searches, the more links inbound to a site, the more likely it will land at the top of the heap in a search on Google. We want FolkAlley.com at the top anytime someone searches for anything remotely related to folk music.

We’re trying to count and keep track of these “inbound links,” so if you add one, write to me at donna@folkalley.com with your URL. I’ll reciprocate by adding a link on Folk Alley to your Web site.

We have a goal of getting 50 inbound links by our first anniversary in September. We’re well on our way, but with a little help from the Folk Alley community, we can certainly reach our goal.

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