Friends & Relations

It has been my pleasure to find bloggers listing related links in their contributions to the Folk Alley Blog spot. Often times the sites prove to be helpful resourses for discovery of new music or info. related to the subject at hand.

The more we share these resourses of the community-at-large with one another, the tighter and more interconnected our community becomes. I especially enjoy coming upon a link to a site from across the world, from a place I might not have had the oportunity to know about otherwise, due to language differences. And if you have gone to one of those sites and have figured out how to navigate it, then throw us a hint!

I would encourage you to include an address/link for a related website in your blog contributions (or in this one) if you find that it might enhance our search and discovery for knowledge of all things Folk.

Here’s one to get us started: www.noside.com for all things Scandinavian Folk. NorthSide includes information on Nordic Roots music, featuring artists such as Hedningarna, Garmarna, Vasen, Wimme, JPP, Frigg, Rosenberg 7, Boot, Frifot, and even Hoven Droven (for those of you who would join me in the deep end!).

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