Frank Vignola

Guitarist Frank Vignola has been mastering his craft since before he was big enough for a standard-sized instrument. Known as one of the best in the business, he’s played with names like Les Paul, Ringo Starr, Donald Fagen and Mark O’Connor. The native New Yorker stopped by the Folk Alley studios to tell Jim Blum the benefits of beating the pavement in search of a gig and developing a recognizable sound. He performed a few songs with pal Vinny Raniolo for the Folk Alley crowd. Born on Long Island, Vignola began playing guitar at age 5. His father was a part-time professional banjo player who introduced Frank to music and musicians. Vignola developed his craft to the point that he was playing alongside legends like Les Paul in his early 20s and he has since acquired a reputation as one of the best guitar players in the business for his virtuosic skill in a variety of styles – everything from gypsy and jazz to bluegrass. Frank was joined by Vinny Raniolo in the Folk Alley Studios.



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