Fotheringay 2 – The Lost Second Album – Jerry Donahue Interview

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When Sandy Denny left Fairport Convention in 1969, she formed the band Fotheringay. They made one highly regarded album in 1970 and split up due to Sandy’s decision for a solo career. Before they called it quits though, the band were working on a second album, but it was never released – until now. Thirty-five years later, Fotheringay 2 finally sees the light from Fledg’ling Records. Taken from the original master tapes, this new recording is superb with crystal clear quality. Highlights include the first recorded version of Sandy’s “John the Gun” and a rocking interpretation of the traditional “Eppie Moray.” Recently, I spoke with guitarist Jerry Donahue about the production of this new album, along with the history of Fotheringay. Listen to the exclusive story and interview below with many sound samples from this new album. Check out the rare video clip too of Fotheringay in action from 1970.

Listen: Exclusive Fotheringay 2 interview with Jerry Donahue:

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