Folk Songs Appropriate For Funerals and/or for Remembering a Loved One?

My oldest childhood friend lost her battle with cancer on Friday, June 15th. She was so brave. She fought 3 different kinds of cancer in a 5-year period with so much grace. She was my anchor on earth and now has become my angel. We’ve been friends since we were born, and I would like to honor her memory with some appropriate songs. She was a folkie but she went country on me along time ago (and I’m not country). I introduced her to Cheryl Wheeler last year. We seemed to find common ground there, and she loved Cheryl’s non-political songs. The only songs that come to mind to honor her with are old stand-bys such as “Bookends” by Paul Simon, “Goodbye My Friend” by Karla Bonoff, and maybe “Buddha/Ghandi” by Cheryl Wheeler, “Changes” by Phil Ochs or “Heaven” by Julie Gold. “Jews Don’t Camp” by David Buskin of Modern Man cracked her up and she listened to it during chemo.

Does anyone have additional suggestions for songs I may not have thought of?

Thanks a bunch.

Nina Gray
folk alley listener

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