Folk Alley’s Best of 2012 – Linda Fahey’s Top Picks of the Year

Linda Fahey’s 15 Folk Alley Faves of 2012

I’ll admit a part of me absolutely dreads putting together my “best of” list every year. It’s usually pretty easy to come up with 10 favorite albums of the year. But then I’ll think of one more that I absolutely love that should be included, and then another, and another… this is pressure, people. So usually the way I end up narrowing down my final list is to ask myself, “What albums from this year will I be reaching for in another 5 years to take on one of those 9 hour road trips between NYS and Ohio? For 2012, it was impossible for me to keep it to 10….so I didn’t. Here are 15 of my favorite albums of the year, and the ones I recommend to my friends (in alphabetical order):

Anais Mitchell – Young Man In America, “Dyin’ Day”

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