Folk Alley Sessions at 30A: The Mastersons

When they’re not on the road as part of Steve Earle and the Dukes and Duchesses, The Mastersons (Eleanor Whitmore and Chris Masterson) are on the road performing as…The Mastersons. These two are rarely in the place they call home and that sense of transience is one they explore in their most recent album, 2017’s Transient Lullaby.

With songs written in hotel rooms, in green rooms, on tour buses, and everywhere and anywhere in between, The Mastersons ponder ideas of love and home from an incredibly unique perspective: they have a home of their own but that physical place means almost nothing to them. Home, instead, is something they create for themselves, no matter where they are.

The duo shared some of the influences and stories behind Transient Lullaby with us during their exclusive session at this year’s 30A Songwriters Festival in Florida.



Interview and Performance

Don't Tell Me To Smile


You Could Be Wrong

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