30A Songwriters Festival: Sera Cahoone

Breakups, love affairs, family dramas, loss and mourning – all of it is represented on the album Sera Cahoone says is her most personal to date. Cahoone, a musician from the Pacific Northwest, shared that revelation about her 2017 album From Where I Started during her exclusive in studio session at this year’s 30A Songwriter’s Festival in Florida.

During that session, which was recorded and produced with our friends from Beehive Productions Studios, Cahoone also shared a secret: she says it takes her a very long time to finish songs.

Once she has an idea, whether musical or lyrical, she has to let it simmer a bit before it can develop into a fully-fledged tune. Her 2017 release From Where I Started is the delicious result of several years of slow-simmering and you get a free sample: Cahoone and musician Alex Guy shared a couple of songs from it during their session. They also shared a song from Cahoone’s 2008 album, Only as the Day is Long.

After you spend some time enjoying this session – and all the accompanying videos – and after you share it with all of your friends, check out Sera Cahoone’s just-released EP. It’s called The Flora Strings Sessions and it features some of Cahoone’s previous work, re-recorded and re-arranged with string sections. You’ll find more information about the new EP on her website – here.



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