Folk Alley Man Attempts to Summit 2nd Highest Peak East of Mississippi on Bicycle with Rescue Dogs Trailing Behind.

The tune that best showcases Doc Watson‘s dexterity with a flat pick is probably the Black Mountain Rag. The Black Mountains are the highest mountains in the eastern US, of which Mt. Mitchell is the highest at 6684 feet. Once you’re in the Black Mountain region off the Blueridge Parkway north of Asheville you can easily see why music is written about them. They are inspirational peaks to be sure, despite the haze that surrounds them and the pollution that has damaged most of the trees up there.

I could never figure out why singer Jim Pipkin (find him in the Open Mic) left Carolina for Arizona. He explained his reasons to me over some of his Honey Mead, and they are thoughtful and sound, but I’m from Ohio. I’ve always wished our ravines were a little deeper, our mountains higher, our music festivals a little more accepted, and the trails more plentiful (and less rocky than West Virginia). And I like lots and lots of green. Even blue-green. That’s North Carolina.

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