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There’s strength in numbers and the voices that join together on FolkAlley.com are quickly becoming a chorus that can be heard around the world. Folk Alley is the antidote to the Auto-Tune-riddled music scene that ignores a human desire for songs created from melody, storytelling and honest musicianship. As FolkAlley.com welcomed its 100,000th registered user on Saturday, February 27, the global home for folk music has even more reason to celebrate a genre that has multiple generations discovering artists producing music with the power to redefine lives.

Folk Alley invites everyone to the party with its own house-blend of traditional folk, contemporary singer/songwriter, Celtic, Americana, bluegrass, world and acoustic instrumental styles, and Cathy Sanders from Columbia, South Carolina is only the latest listener to seek out the music online that is no longer available on the terrestrial radio stations in her area. When Cathy added her name to the Folk Alley rolls to become FolkAlley.com’s 100,000th registered user, she opened a door to extra website features, available only to registered users, as well as receiving the Alley Chat – Folk Alley’s monthly e-newsletter.

Folk Alley Programming and Marketing Director Linda Fahey says, “It’s listeners like Cathy who really make our work worth the effort. They love folk music, and so do we. Together, we can help keep this community strong and vibrant for years to come.”

Established in September 2003, Folk Alley is now an industry standard-bearer – using the power of the Internet to find new ways to bring listeners together with the best in folk music. From its cornerstone 24-hour hosted music stream and unique on-demand content to exclusive interviews and live concert downloads, FolkAlley.com offers visitors a richly rewarding folk music experience. The popular Open Mic area is a space for artists of all talent levels to upload their original work into a public forum that provides feedback and fresh sounds for listeners. The Folk Alley hosts have decades of experience working behind microphones and discovering new talent – earning respect from artists, labels and others in the industry.

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