Finding Yourself Through Theme Music

For awhile, I’ve been trying to choose personal theme music – just in case a band ever needs background to play me out to center stage (Bob Hope had “Thanks for the Memories,” Redd Foxx had the theme to “Sanford and Son,” that kind of thing). Even if I never make it to the David Letterman show or the Oscars, there must be something that I can play in my head when making an entrance. Good theme music can really help a person look confident and self-assured (the only thing I hear consistantly in my head – besides the wind – is the Johnny Carson theme and “Sunrise, Sunset” from “Fiddler on the Roof,” I don’t know why). JL Braswell said down the column a bit that “There is this one instrumental:’She’s Late But She’s Timely’ – by Alan Ried and Battlefield Band. It’s kind of become my theme song.” And that brought up my whole issue of being sans theme song. So, what should I pick? What would you say is your personal theme song?

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