Falling Back

I remember when I was a teenager saying to my folks I wanted to be a musician. I didn’t use the words “folk singer” or “rock & roll star” or anything, but I might have said, “performer.” Not being the most supportive of people and they said that I “should have something to fall back on.”

In an old interview with Tom Petty, if I remember correctly (this is always iffy), he said his parents said the same thing and his retort was, “well, I don’t plan on falling back.” I hope I got that quote right.

Now I’m listening to the kids of performers I’ve grown up with. Some have been influences, some just another record on the turntable. But I wonder if following in footsteps came naturally, was expected, or somehow discussed within family circles. Did Bob tell Jakob, he needs something to fall back on? Did Arlo or Louden say the same to their kids?

What are you telling your kids? Are you letting them follow their heart’s desire or do they need to have something to fall back on?

Joshua Brande

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