Fairport Convention performs shortened US tour as a trio

When a band has been making music for over 35 years, members come and go. Fairport Convention’s recent tour of America was shortened as the band canceled the south-west and California dates during this acoustic tour. Unknown events caused bass player Dave Pegg, who joined the band in 1970, off the tour. Instead of canceling every show, the lads performed the remaining East Coast dates as a trio—featuring Simon Nicol, Ric Sanders, and Chris Leslie. Reports from those shows have been very positive and the trio setting was certainly a rare treat for the Fairport aficionado. If the past repeats itself, Fairport will certainly continue their legacy. This recent bump in the road has not affected Fairport’s annual Cropredy Festival—taking place this year August 11-13. As to who will be behind the bass is still a mystery. Dave Pegg is credited with keeping Fairport Convention alive and well during these later years and he’s been organizing and promoting Cropredy since the beginning of the event in the early ’80s. Will Peggy return? Can they survive without Dave Pegg? And if so, who will be his replacement? The fans certainly want Dave Pegg but where the future lies for this seminal group is still up in the air. Were you at one of the trio gigs? Do you have any Fairport memories? If so, post a comment for all to read. For more on Fairport Convention—visit their web site. “It All Comes ‘Round Again.”

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