The Everybodyfields

The reason Everybodyfields’ latest album, Nothing is Okay, sounds so heartbreakingly honest is because it’s essentially tales of Jill and Sam’s own thorny past. Split up and barely on speaking terms in 2006, they had to decide whether or not the end of their personal relationship would mean the end of their musical partnership too. Thankfully for us, they decided to find a way to push through. Nothing Is Okay offers the rare opportunity to hear both sides of a failed relationship tell their story ” often in perfect harmony. Ironically, the person who the song is about is often found singing backup vocals, and vice versa. For Jill and Sam, the record was a chance to come to terms with their rocky past while paving the way for their band’s musical future. Jim caught up with the band before one of their shows at the Beachland Ballroom, a stop on their tour across the Northeast.

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