Erik Darling Dies of Lymphoma

Erik Darling died Aug. 3. A singer and instrumentalist, Darling stepped into the Weavers to replace a departed Pete Seeger bringing along a 12-string guitar, a banjo and a deep knowledge of the jugband tradition that inspired much of the ’60s folk revival. Darling introduced “Tom Dooley” and “The Banana Boat Song” into the American songbook. He created the Rooftop Singers so that he could record his version of “Walk Right In,” a #1 hit in 1963 and one of Darling’s biggest successes. Along with the Weavers and the Rooftop Singers, Darling was also a member of the Tarriers with actor Alan Arkin. He was living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina at the time of his death and had recently published a memoir: I’d Give My Life — A Journey by Folk Music.

Erik Darling and the Weavers in 2006:

Vintage recording of the Rooftop Singers:

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