Dry Bones

Folk Alley’s haul of outstanding Sessions recordings from the 2013 Folk Alliance International conference in Toronto continued with Dry Bones, a string-based quartet featuring humor and virtuosity. The members of this musical collective – Leonard Podolak, Nathan Rogers, JD Edwards and Gilles Fourneir – have all found success on their own ” with this project they explore their work through the eyes of their compatriots (the musicians sing songs written by other members for a new perspective).

The boys all have their own individual projects. Nathan is gaining national appreciation for his songwriting, and also toured nationally singing the songs of his father Stan, to sold out audiences coast to coast. JD released and toured across the country with his band, the JD Edwards Band. Leonard is back touring with The Duhks after the band’s three-year hiatus. And, Gilles’ versatility on 4, 5 and 6 string electric and acoustic basses positions him as one of the most in demand musicians in Winnipeg.



Interview and Performance

Banjo Hustler

Two More Days

Singing All of the Way Home

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