Don’t Feel Sorry – Feel “Synergy”

If there’s any thematic message in the album Synergy from Jim Hurst and Missy Raines it’s to start feeling good about yourself. The first song on the album, I Ain’t Got the Blues, pokes fun at the blues as Jim describes what it’s like when things are going right. Missy echos in the very next song Cold Hard Business, that life’s about getting better not about gaining wealth. We’re delivered a wake-up call in Old Blind Dog, a song about a handicapped pet who’s only focus is giving love to others. Even the song Buzzed delightfully reminds us that if you’re in love you don’t need coffee to get moving. Jim and Missy can play too. Missy has often been selected as the best bass player by the IBMA; Jim has won several awards too. If you’re feeling sorry for yourself, latch on to this CD – and listen to 8 selections on Folk Alley.

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