Ditty Bops

The Ditty Bops, aka Abby DeWald and Amanda Barrett, are two like-minded women hailing from California. Abby and Amanda first met at a party, but really connected when they just happened to sit near each other at a showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” in New York City. Since then, they have combined their talents (Amanda grew up singing harmony for her mother’s British Isles duo and Abby plays a mean guitar – they both juggle) and created an act that is as much modern vaudeville as it is contemporary pop music. The songs they write together are clever harmonies that hearken back to a time of dancehalls and nickelodeons. A Ditty Bops live show often includes costumes and friends on stilts (their 2006 Bicycle and Bikini Calendar is a visual take on both The Ditty Bops style and the duo’s love of bicycles and bikinis). Their debut album, The Ditty Bops, is available on Warner Bros. and they are in the studio now working on a follow-up CD. Although The Ditty Bops are relatively new to the music scene, they are already drawing attention from fans, critics and industry professionals. Their music uses tight harmonies and acoustic arrangements to create a sound that seems like a memory while remaining California-fresh. Talking with Jim Blum, they offer only insight to go along with wonderful selections from their debut CD, The Ditty Bops, and something special off their upcoming Warner release, due this spring. Along with Abby and Amanda, Folk Alley’s live recordings also feature Greg Rutledge on accordion, Kaveh Rastegar on bass and Michael “Tuba” Heatherton on strange noise-making things. How many singer/songwriters eat fire, juggle and appear onstage in a bikini? Not many we’re guessing, but The Ditty Bops fit all these criteria – and more! Their infectious harmonies have won them fans hither and yon, including the folks at Warner Bros. who signed the band after only 6 public performances.









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