The Devil Makes Three

Based on their instruments they look like an old time string band; based on their appearance they look like they might play punk music. The answer lies somewhere in between. Pete Bernhard (guitar) and Cooper McBean (banjo) grew up in New England to parents who liked ragtime and old blues. The two moved to Santa Cruz temporarily, but they met Lucia Turino (upright bass) and The Devil Makes Three was born. (For our session, Adam Chilenski filled in for Lucia who had just broken her arm).

You will certainly hear early jazz, blues, and country, but they group presents this with a punk energy which is helping them draw a young audience. Their other secret is their songs ” almost all originals, and they are adamant about that. Like their performance, the style of the songs is both vintage and new at the same time. The bonus that these three offer is that if you happen to be a long time fan of traditional music, you might like them too. There is enough substance and wit for all.


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Do Wrong Rigth

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