Demographically challenged

Hey I’m among the young! I fit into the youngest 25% of FA listeners. I’m one of the 26.8% five day listeners and one of the 8.6% who listen for 6-8 hours. I’m one of the 66% who listen during working hours (except that as one of the non US listeners, my PM starts 5 – 9 hours before most listeners). I’m one of the 20% who listen on iTunes, I have the splendid Mike Harding once a week on BBC R2 so I’m one of the 40% who has some alternative. I’m a daily website visitor – one of the 12.8%, I’m one of the 22.7% Open Mic fans (and participants – ahem!), but I was saddend to note that only 10% enjoy the blog! Philistines!!

Being British, I support my community radio station by buying a TV licence once per year, which makes me one of the 36%. I have never supported FA financially, except by purchasing downloads via the site – this puts me in the shameful 51% of listeners who cop a freebie, but because I intend to make a (tax deductible?) contribution if I earn enough this year to pay tax, I’ll put myself into the 53% who may become a member in future.

I never rank things in order of importance, but Q14 looks to be about right to me.
Why are 2/3 of FA listeners male?
I can see from the spread of incomes, that mine isn’t the demographic FA needs to look to for funding.
Having never even got a bachelor’s degree I’m in a distinct minority among the FA dunces (duuuuuh!). FA is clearly a graduate thingy – I must be a member of the intellegencia, if only by association; lie down with lawyers and you get fees!

Well – that’s stats (did you get that? Clever play on words; that’s and stats instead of that? Oh never mind…)

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