David Wilcox

David Wilcox writes songs – songs he performs and many that he shares with others. His deeply insightful lyrics and deft musicianship have built him a legion of fans and contributed to more than a dozen CDs that have emerged since he hit the performing circuit in the early ’80s. A Cleveland native, he started playing guitar while a student at the hippie-loving Antioch College. After transferring to a Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina, he kicked-off his performing career, developing his own playing style in the process. Since then, Wilcox has become one of the most in-demand folk artists in the U.S. Wilcox, his wife and teen-aged son traveled the country in an Airstream trailer attached to a bio-diesel truck. The experiment brought the family closer together and opened up America to the singer/ songwriter – further infusing his music with the sounds and stories of real people and authentic emotions. He visited Folk Alley while on tour behind his album Vista.


David Wilcox In-Studio Session

Captain Wanker

How Long

This Old Car

Three Brothers

Winter at the Shore

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