30A Songwriters Festival: David Robert King

After spending time living and working in a few different places, among them Boston and Atlanta, David Robert King decided he was ready to go back home ” musically, anyway.

His new recording, ‘Idaho’, was inspired by his childhood and young adulthood in Idaho. It took awhile, King says, to realize just how much his writing was and is inspired by memories of his past. Idaho is “about growing up,” King says. “About the one who got away, the one who’s with me now, the kid who punched me, the people I wronged and the people who wronged me.”

Sharing songs about a darker side of his own humanity, a friend in desperate need of help, and the idea that some things are simply out of our control, David Robert King’s the kind of songwriter you’ll want to pay attention to ” the kind of songwriter you NEED to pay attention to.



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