Dave Matthews goes acoustic

The long awaited Some Devil from Dave Matthews contains a surprise bonus disc. Along with the in-studio produced disc comes a second EP with 6 acoustic tracks recorded live from various college campuses. Matthews is joined by long-time partner Tim Reynolds. Stay or Leave is a bittersweet lament which remembers good times while recommending finality. The singer wants the relationship to stick, but after close examination he is forced to agree with his own abandonment. By far the most poetic number is Grey Street. Dave adopts the third person and describes a downtrodden woman who still has the strength to wish for colorful moments. The trouble is that, when all the colors are mixed, the result is grey. This song is deep, but is crafted so well that you begin to recognize the character as someone you know, or perhaps as yourself. There are other songs with merit, but these two provide the best fit for Folk Alley.

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