Dave Cousins from Strawbs Recenty Visited Folk Alley


**Dave Cosuins** from [Strawbs](http://www.strawbsweb.co.uk/) has been playing music for close to 40 years. In that time, he has never done a solo tour – until now. Just recently Dave finished up a small tour with just him and a guitar. One stop found him at the [Kent Stage](http://www.kentstage.org/) near Folk Alley, so I invited him to the studio to play a couple songs and chat. Dave’s brand new solo album is called [Secret Paths](http://www.strawbsweb.co.uk/@f/f_secret.htm). Strawbs are certainly in the top-five most important bands in the world of English Folk. Yes, later in their career, it became more of a progressive rock outfit, but early on, Sandy Denny was a member of the band – even before they recorded an album. It was her involvement with Strawbs that led her to Fairport Convention. From that point, English Folk-Rock was born with help from a young Dave Cousins. Check out the interview with Dave below and two songs he played in the studio. In the coming months, there will be much Strawbs activity with a full tour of the electric band – featuring the 1974 line-up. A new studio album is also in the works. Take a look at the official Strawbs web page – it’s very well done with tons of information, reviews, lyrics to every song, and up to date news. I’ve also posted some You Tube videos of Strawbs in action throughout the years. Thanks for making it into the studio Dave!

[Visit Strawbs Official Web Page](http://www.strawbsweb.co.uk/)

**Folk Alley’s exclusive Dave Cousins Session Recording and Interview**

**Dave Cousins – “Ringing Down the Years” from the Folk Alley Studios**

**Dave Cousins – “I Turned My Face Into the Wind” from the Folk Alley Studios**

**Dave Cousins Live from the Kent Stage – March 15th, 2008. “Blue Angel”**

**Dave Cousins Live from the Kent Stage – March 15th, 2008 “Grace Darling”**

**See the Second Page for Classic Strawbs Videos**

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