Corb Lund Rocks!

CORBLUND.jpg Last month we received an E-mail from Canadian singer/songwriter and JUNO Award-winner Corb Lund. Thanks to some fine ladies who DJ at an indy radio station in Boseman, MT, Corb found out we were playing Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland Steer on Folk Alley and wanted to know if we wanted additional CDs (and stuff… I can’t forget the stuff). My answer was (really, do you have any doubts?)… Yes! So he sent a big package to Linda with CDs and stickers and the Corb Lund comic book by Bob Prodor. The CDs are excellent and I’m going to put a sticker on my car, if only because I’m in Ohio and I want people to believe that I’m a good bit more clever than I actually am. So, thanks Corb Lund, your efforts are appreciated here at Folk Alley central. I hope that it’s starting to warm up in Alberta, the weather’s lovely here.

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