Confessions of a “Kerr-virgin”

(or a Wide-Eyed View by a First Timer)

In less than 24 hours, it will be my great pleasure to head off to the 36th Annual Kerrville Folk Festival on the rolling hills of the Quiet Valley Ranch in the beautiful wildflower-strewn Texas Hill Country, just south of the quaint little town of Kerrville, Texas. But before I cram that last little camping item into my sedan, roll up the windows and head off into the sunset, let me tell you a little about my experiences from last year’s Kerrville Folk Festival – my “first”.

Now you see, first timers out there on the ranch are referred to as “Kerrvirgins”, and that I was, both wide-eyed and full of wonder! The operative word here is ‘was’, as it didn’t take more than about 20 minutes for my heart to be completely won over by this wonderful and magical place commonly referred to as “HOME” by Kerr-verts ’round the globe who make the annual pilgrimage.

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