Chris Talks Cropredy in the Podcast

I was working out this weekend while listening to the AlleyCast podcast for July. The sound you hear in the background behind Simon Nicol as he talks about the upcoming Cropredy Festival is Chris’ head spinning around and exploding from excitement. Folk Alley lore has it that Chris was a card carrying member of the KISS Army and a serious metal fan until he heard Fairport Convention – the band’s music literally changed his life. Not to be mawkish, but he is thrilled to be heading off to England (for the first time) to live the Cropredy experience. He’s taking sometime Folk Alley blogger Huw Pryce with him, so it really will be All Folk Alley. All the Time. Keep an eye out for Chris’ blogs, pics and interviews. He’s ponying up his own dough for the trip, so I’m sure he’d accept friendly offers of lilbations (or dry socks, we hear there’s been some rain) when he’s “off duty.” Speaking of the AlleyCast, if you have any ideas of bands to spotlight in the “obscure folk” segment (and I don’t mean your cousin Larry who plays concertina upside down while wearing a dress), let us know. Cheers!

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